Business Scope

We are committed to the various applications of laser ranging, and constantly open up new applications to meet customer demand.

Specific Application: leisure sports, such as golf, hunting, hiking etc.; intelligent  equipment: transportation, such as speed measurement for police , anti-collision for the car-assisted driving system ,security etc; logistics and warehousing aspects of mobile devices control sensors; survey: for electricity, forestry in the measurement.


It is most important to master the right distance while playing golf. Use this range finder to easily measure the distance to the banner. Features of this rangefinder: Accurate and reliable accuracy, in any case can reach 1 meter accuracy. With the angle of the model will help you in the case of slope to calculate the compensation distance.
Golf Laser Rangefinder

Hunting, mountaineering

This product unique prey lock function, you can exclude the interference outside the branches, fast lock prey. For mountain climbers, it is very important to judge the height and distance of the mountain.
Hunting Laser Rangefinder

Engineering survey

This is an important product of our company, which was introduced in 2017. It has several characteristics:
1.Super far range. To solve the engineering survey often occurs in the measurement of the problem of insufficient distance.
2. High precision. This is comparable to the accuracy of similar products abroad, stable and reliable
3. Increase the explicit function. Convenient for the user to view and record.
4. Built-in 1200MA lithium battery, long time to solve the problem of possible lack of electricity in the field.
Multifunctional Engineering Measuring Laser Range Finder

Intelligent robot

The main function is to do the path planning and obstacle avoidance.
Two-dimensional laser lidar is a new product of our company, its characteristics are:
1) Distance measurement distance
2) Anti-interference ability, can be used in the outdoors
3) Long life, the service life up to 5000 hours
4) Accurate accuracy.
Two-Dimensional Laser Lidar

Speed measurement

This product is used for police law enforcement, it has the following characteristics:
1) Fast and accurate measurement of the speed of the car
2) With the good directivity of the laser, in the case of several cars at the same time, can accurately measure one of the speeding car.
3) Long Distance measurement.It can be 300 meters to 400 meters away from the speed.
Handheld Laser Speed Gun Camera Series


Applicable to service security and other scenes
Two-Dimensional Laser Lidar