Hunting Laser Rangefinder

Theory: Calculate the time of laser flight to get the distance between two points.
Category:Laser Rangefinder
Model:LH-D1000  LH-D1500AH


1. Distant measurement, The maximum distance is 1500 meters
2. Hunting mode
3. Good stability

Product photographs

Product parameters

 Model No.:  LH-D1000  LH-D1500AH
 Measurement Range:  5y-1000y  5y-1500y
 Orange: Selectable
 Gray:  Selectable
 Green:  Selectable
 Single measurement:  √  √
 Scanning measurement:  √  √
 Height measurement:  ×  √
 Angle measurement:  ×  √
 Flag seeking mode:  ×  ×
 Hunting mode:  √  √
 Tripod tapped hole:  √  √
 Measuring Accuracy:  ±1m
 Ranging display:  LCD display
 Magnification:  6.0X
 Object Diameter:  24mm
 Field Of View:  6.5°/114m@1000m
 Working temperature:  -10~+50℃
 Laser Type:  905nm
 Safety level:  FDA CLASS1
 Focusing mode:  Eyepiece focusing
 Power:  CR2 3-Volt Lithium Battery
 Product size:  103*74*40.5mm
 Weight:  191g

Product function description




1. Unit of measure
2. Hunting Mode symbol
3. Distance Display
4. Scan mode symbol
5. Aim Circle
6. Battery Indicate
7. Height display symbol
8. Angle display symbol

Note: Battery symbols will only be displayed in low power conditions.