Multifunctional engineering measuring laser range finder

Theory:Calculate the time of laser flight to get the distance between two points.
Category: Laser Rangefinder
Mode:LH-D1600AH  LH-D2000AH


1. Long Distant measurement, The maximum distance is 2000 meters;

2. High accuracy:The accuracy is 0.3 meters at 200m;

3. With an external LCD display: Simple and convenient operation;

4. High permeability LCD,It doesn’t affect the use even at dusk.

Product photographs

Product parameters

 Model: LH-D1600AH LH-D2000AH
 Measurement Range:  5-1600y  5-2000y
 Single measurement:  √  √
 Scanning measurement:  √  √
 Height measurement:  √  √
 Angle measurement:  √  √
 Flag seeking mode:  ×  ×
 Hunting mode:  ×  ×
 External LCD:  √  √
 Data storage:  √  √
 Rechargeable:  √  √
 Tripod tapped hole  √  √
 Measuring Accuracy:  ±0.3m(<200m)、±0.3m-1m(>200m)
 Ranging display:  built-in and outlay LCD display
 Magnification:  7.0X
 Objective Lens Diameter:  26mm
 FOV:  6 degrees
 Working temperature: ﹣10~+50℃
 Laser Type:  905nm
 Safety level:  FDA CLASS1
 Focusing mode:  Eyepiece focusing
 Power Source:  Built- in 1200MA/H rechargeable lithium battery
 Product size:  126*79.5*44mm
 Weight:  246g

Product function description

LCD display:

  • 1. Range value display
  • 2. Distance unit
  • 3. Scan mode icon
  • 4. Aiming point
  • 5. Linear ranging prompt symbol
  • 6. Height difference ranging hint symbol
  • 7. Battery display symbol
  • 8. Horizontal ranging mode symbol
  • 9 Vertical ranging mode symbol
  • 10. Height difference ranging mode symbol

Operation mode specification

Common measurement mode

Single measurement  Scan measurement

External LCD display

Built-in LCD display

Horizontal distance measurement mode

External LCD display

Built-in LCD display

Vertical ranging mode symbol

External LCD display

Built-in LCD display

Height difference measurement model

First time

range display

Second time

 range display

Wait for 0.5S to display

Wait for 0.5S to display

Application range

The utility model is suitable for electric power, engineering investigation, forestry, water conservancy and other fields

Water conservancy project survey

Measures for river control and development, utilization and protection of water resources

Forestry Engineering Survey

Measurement of landscape engineering and measurement of forest cutting

Building operations angle survey

Convenience, accuracy, and measurement are no longer difficult

Electric Power Engineering Survey

Telegraph pole spacing measurement