Laser Ranging Sensor (LDSC7-15)

Theory: Calculate the time of laser flight to get the distance between two points.

Category:Laser Ranging Sensor

Functionality that can be implemented:

1. Measuring range is wide (0.5 meters to 15 meters)
2. High measuring frequency (>100HZ)
3. Long measuring life (24 hours continuous measurement, time lasts for several years)
4.It has strong anti-interference ability, and can be used outdoors
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Product parameters

Model LDSC7-15 LDS-150 LDS-400 LDS-1000
Distance 0.1-15m 0.3-150m 0.3-400m 5-1000m
Accuracy ±5cm ±30cm ±1cm ±1cm
Range Resolution 1cm 10cm 1m 1m
Measure Frequency >100HZ 200HZ/500HZ 1HZ 1HZ
Communication Interface UART   3.3V UART   3.3V UART   3.3V UART   3.3V
Data Format Distance, Angle, set Defence Area Distance Distance Distance
Baud 115200 115200 115200 115200
Switching Output One NPN output N/A N/A N/A
Switching Input One high/low level input N/A N/A N/A
Supply Voltage DC9-26V DC9-26V DC3-5V DC3-5V
Power Dissipation 0.5W <2W <.5W <.5W
Optical interference resistance >80000LX >80000LX >80000LX >80000LX
Size 53.3x48x34mm 59x68x38mm 59x68x38mm 59x68x38mm
Waterproof IP   67 IP   67 N/A N/A
Working Temperture (-20℃+50℃) (-30℃+60℃) (-10℃+50℃ (-10℃+50℃)

Application scenario Display

It can be used in car anti-collision, sniper, crane, conveying equipment and other scenes

Car collision avoidance



Conveyor equipment