Laser Speed Gun Without Camera


Hand-held Laser Speed Gun

A portable, operable hand-held speed device that can accurately take the speed value and ensure the uniqueness and effectiveness of the resulting data


1. Convenient and quick
2. Highly accurate
3. Highly waterproof
4. Durable

Product photographs

Product parameters

material quality: Aluminium alloy
Maximum range: 1200m
Ranging Scope: 0 km/h to 320 km/h(0 mile/h to 200 mile/h)
Speed Measurement Accuracy: ± 2 km/h(± 1 mile/h)
Ranging Accuracy: ±30 cm(± 12 inch)
Speed  Display Resolution: 1km/h (1 mile/h)
Distance Display Resolution:  0.1 m (0.1 feet)
Batteries: 7.4 v DC, Lithium polymer chargeable batteries, overcharge protection, up to 5-8 hrs of operation
Laser Wave Length: 905 nm
Speed Measurement Time: 0.33-0.66s
protection class:  NEMA 4/IP 55
Temperature Ranger: -20° C to +60°C (-4°F to 140°F)
Human Eyes Safety: Class 1;FDA CFR 21
Europe IEC 60825-1;GB 72471-2001
Laser Beam Divergence: 2.5 mrd
WIFI printing:

LCD display

1. Speed display data
2. Speed Unit
3. Aiming point
4. Distance unit
5. Distance display data

Product detail presentation

Product detail of process

Non-slip design

High-quality wear-resistant material, delicate anti-skid texture Hand feeling comfortable

Solid technical foundation

Lan Hai has a strong and innovative R & D team, hardware design, software algorithms, structural design, optical design and process design, etc.

Accurate speed measurement

The speed of measurement is far, the accuracy is high, and the speed is short