Two-Dimensional Laser Lidar

LDS-50C-C30E/C20E is a cost-effective two-dimensional pulse lidar developed by Pacecat. It uses a pulsed laser to emit a single laser pulse to the target, and calculates and processes the round-trip time by receiving the laser pulse echo which is diffusely reflected from the target.The distance data and Angle information of the computing target are sent to other devices through the serial port.It has a high speed laser ranging sampling capability of up to 18,000 times per second.Combined with the optical magnetic fusion technology, it overcomes the life limit of traditional lidar, and run reliably and stably for a long time.


Product parameters

Model LDS-50C-C30E/C20E
Laser wavelength 905nm±15nm
Distance 0.1-40m
Measure Frequency 18kHz/30kHz
Scan Frequency 10HZ  15Hz
The echo pattern Single pulse
Echo intensity 0-254
Drive Built-in dc brushless motor
Measure Angle 360°
Angle Resolution 0.2°@10HZ/0.12°@10HZ
Ranging accuracy ±30mm
Ranging resolution mm
Communication Interface Ethernet,
Output Mode N/A
 Input N/A
Programmable Alert Area N/A
Alert Area Support Shape N/A
Optical Interference Resistance >80000LX
Weight 110g(line is not included)
Power Dissipation 10VDC ~26VDC
Working Temperture  -10°~ +50°
Power Dissipation ≤ 2.5W
Waterproof IP5X
Size(mm) 55x55x51mm

Product Features

  • Lidar has the functions of hardware filtering and dragging point removal, which can effectively avoid some interference caused by noise points.
  • Lidar can synchronously output the target reflection intensity, which can be used for algorithm judgment;
  • The ranging accuracy is ±3cm, and the linear characteristics of different targets are excellent.
  • Multi-lidar operation at the same time, no interference between lidars;
  • Special optical design, effectively improve the anti-fouling ability;

Application scenario Display

LDS-50C-C30E two-dimensional laser lidar, which perform a 360-degree omni-directional laser ranging scan within a radius of 40 meters on a two-dimensional plane. The laser scan ranging module has been widely used in the following fields: Mapping, Robot Positioning and Navigation, Sweeping Robot, Service Robot, AGV, Security, UAV, etc.

Sweeping robot