Two-Dimensional Laser Lidar(LDS-15BDM)

Theory: Calculate the time of laser flight to get the distance between two points.


Model:LDS-15BDM-1  LDS-15BDM-2   LDS-25BDM-2


1. Rotating at 360 degrees
2. Long service life;
3. High accuracy;
4. Distant measurement;
5. Strong anti-interference ability;
6. It can be used outdoors and in the sun。

Product Features

Product parameters

Model LDS-15BDM-1 LDS-15BDM-2 LDS-25BDM-2
Distance 0.1–15m 0.1–15m 0.1–25m
Accuracy ±5cm ±5cm ±5cm
Range Resolution 1cm 1cm 1cm
Measure Frequency 7KHZ 7KHZ 7KHZ
Measure Angle 360° 360° 360°
Angle Resolution 0.25°-0.5° 0.25°-0.5° 0.25°-0.5°
Scan Frequency 5-10HZ adjustable 5-10HZ adjustable 5-10HZ adjustable
Drive External dc brush motor Built-in dc brushless motor Built-in dc brushless motor
Communication Interface UART  3.3V UART  3.3V UART  3.3V
Baud 230400/256000 settable 230400/256000 settable 230400/256000 settable
Supply Voltage DC  5V DC  5V DC  5V
Power Dissipation <1.6W <1.6W <1.6W
Optical interference resistance >60000LX >60000LX >60000LX
Size 49x57x45mm 68×40.5mm 68×40.5mm
Weight 114g 115g 115g
Waterproof NO NO NO
Working Temperture (0℃±45℃) (-10℃+50℃) (-10℃+50℃)

Application scenario Display

LDS-15BDM is more suitable for sweeping robots, food delivery robots, etc.
LDS-25BDM has a long measuring distance and is more suitable for service robots, security, drones, etc.
LDS-50C is waterproof and dustproof and is suitable for use in outdoor equipment such as security, drones, and AGV.

Seeping robot

Service robot